Join our team! We here at So Cal Mini are always looking for eager helpers to keep up with the day to day operation! If you're interested in helping, please complete the contact form below and someone will get back to you...and schedule your orientation! 


*So Cal Mini is home to over 60 minis and other animals. While we  appreciate every person who wishes to volunteer, we cannot accept  volunteers that are not willing to dedicate at least a month to  volunteering — one day per week for a month is our minimum.

*Each volunteer must go through training on the ins and outs of mini  care and general sanctuary upkeep. We simply do not have time to train a  one-day volunteer.

Age Restrictions

*Mini horses may be small, but they are still horses and can weigh  upwards of 300 pounds! While they may look cute and cuddly, they can get  rowdy and that can be dangerous for those unfamiliar being around  horses and especially children. Some of our minis have come from abusive  homes and we are working tirelessly to re-socialize them, so treating  the minis with the utmost care and patience is required — volunteering  is not a game.

*As such, So Cal Mini cannot accept volunteers age 16 or under.

Clothing Requirements

So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary is a working sanctuary. There will be  dirt, bugs, mud, and poo, lots of poo. The following CANNOT be worn  while volunteering at So Cal Mini:

  • Open-toed shoes, sandals, or flip flops
  • Ribbons or articles of clothing that wave loosely
  • Loose jewelry and/or jewelry you mind losing
  • Clothing you mind damaging or getting dirty

Volunteer Duties

Volunteers are tasked with a myriad of duties around the sanctuary. These duties consist of any of the following:

  • Cleaning stables
  • Cleaning the field
  • Giving minis a bath
  • Putting on fly masks
  • Feeding
  • Moving minis to different areas/pens
  • Helping organize tools/ropes/etc. . .
  • Helping organize feed on feed delivery days
  • Moving corrals
  • Fixing misc. items
  • Misc. tasks

Download our Volunteer Application and email to: Socalminiho

Contact Us (Please include the information we ask below)

Please let us know what days you are Available to volunteer. Please verify you can volunteer for at least one month and you're over 16. If you are under 16, you must have a parent/Guardian volunteer with you.

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So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary

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