why should i adopt a mini?

We are thrilled that you are  interested in possibly adopting one of our wonderful minis! We take the  adopting out of our minis extremely seriously. As such, we have adoption  requirements that all adopters must meet as well as home checks. Please  review our adoption information below and contact us if you have any  questions. 

How do I adopt a mini?

If you are interested in adopting one of our lovely minis, we ask that  you first complete our adoption form. From there, you will be contacted  by a So Cal Mini representative who will discuss the adoption with you  and answer any of your questions. We strongly suggest that you visit our  ranch and meet the minis in person. Each mini has a unique and  wonderful personality, and you might be surprised as to which mini you  click with. 

Are there any adoption requirements?

YES! We take the adoption of our minis extremely  seriously. Many of our minis were rescued from poor living conditions,  and we want to ensure that they never return to that standard of living  and care. As such, So Cal Mini will conduct a home check. Additionally,  you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have prior horse keeping  experience or agree to spend several weeks as a volunteer at the  sanctuary to learn basic horse care.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older and have a steady income.
  • Your income must be sufficient to provide  for the appropriate hay and nutritional supplements daily as well as  veterinary and farrier care on a regular basis.  (Emergencies such as  colic can reach several thousand dollars).  Typical out of pocket  monthly expenditures will average between $100 and $150 per month per  mini. Our average mini cost starts at $850 
  • You must have another companion animal such as another mini, mini donkey, or small pony.  We will not adopt a mini to be a companion for a full size horse.
  • You must have a shelter to provide shade and protection from the elements as well as coyotes, mountain lions, wild dogs, etc.
  • The minis’ stall must be at least a 24 x  24 area with an additional area for daily turn out. Any pasture must be  fenced with appropriate material–barbed wire is not acceptable.
  • The area the mini is kept must be kept clean and clean water must be available at all times.
  • You may not breed any mares adopted from So Cal Mini Horse Rescue.
  • If you adopt a yearling colt, you must agree to have him gelded as soon as your Veterinarian deems it appropriate.
  • You must have an emergency evacuation plan in place.
  • You must agree to allow So Cal Mini Horse Rescue to complete random home checks.
  • You must agree not to sell or transfer  the mini without the approval of So Cal Mini Horse Rescue. If your  circumstances change so that you can no longer afford or are physically  unable to take care of the mini, So Cal Mini Horse Rescue will be happy  to arrange transport of the mini(s) back to the sanctuary.
  • You must agree that minis are not to be ridden, even by small children.
  • Additional requirements are spelled out in the adoption application and contract.

Vet Q&A: Are minis for adoption healthy?

Absolutely. While many of our minis come to us in  dire medical need, we will never put up for adoption or adopt out a mini  that has not had all the necessary and needed medical attention. You  will notice that we have two sections on our site for minis: sponsor and  adopt. Minis may always be sponsored to help cover the cost of their  medical care, food, grooming, and housing, but only minis we feel are  ready for adoption will be available for adoption. As such, all of our  adoptable minis have been:

  • Dewormed
  • Vaccinated
  • Gelded

Can I return a mini if it does not work out?

YES! While we do our best to ensure that every mini adopted goes to a  wonderful, stable home, we understand that things change. If, for  whatever reason, you need to bring your mini back, we will gladly bring  them back into our fold, no questions asked. Remember, we are a rescue  first. 

Adoption Fees and Associated Costs

 Our average mini cost starts at $850 


  • Rhino/Flu Vaccination
  • EEE/WEE/TET/West Nile Vaccination
  • Deworming
  • Hoof Care
  • Gelding (depending on age)

At So Cal Mini, we do not adopt out minis that we believe are not healthy in both body and mind. This means that all of our minis will have the appropriate vaccinations, dental care, hoof care, weight, and temperament. When you adopt a mini from So Cal Mini, you will receive  their original intake form, indicating how we received the mini; as well as copies of the mini’s vaccination history and other related medical treatments.

Additionally, So Cal Mini does not adopt out male minis that have not  been gelded unless they are too young to be gelded. This is  non-negotiable. So Cal Mini does not want minis being adopted with the  intention of breeding. As such, So Cal Mini will not provide registration papers regardless of whether we are in possession of them.


Please fill this out and send to along with photos of the areas the mini(s) will be kept.

Please make sure you've read all of the requirements above.

Meet our adoptable minis

Get ready for your heart to melt! To visit our adoptable minis please click the box below!

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