Our Mission

So Cal Mini Horse Sanctuary exists as a 501(c)3 nonprofit to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home neglected and abused miniature horses.
100% of all

donations go directly
to the minis in our care.
So Cal Mini’s focus is to rescue minis from any situations of neglect, abuse, or abandonment and bring them to our sanctuary for  rehabilitation. Through love and nourishment, we work heal to the mental, physical and emotional health of each mini in hopes that they will one day find
wonderful “forever homes”.
There is a wonderful network of angels that raise funds and pool resources to save as many of these horses as possible in hopes of offering them a new start in life where fear and neglect is left behind  and replaced with love and trust. Our sanctuary is grateful to be chosen as the new home for many of the rescued minis, giving them the
second chance they all deserve.

Our Story

 So Cal Mini Horse Rescue and Sanctuary began as a private family  venture a decade ago by Jeanne Oliver and her three boys! Jeanne was in an accident... although no longer able to ride, her love  for horses remained. She was introduced to minis and the sanctuary followed shortly after when she realized the extent of neglect and abuse these little horses endure. Miniature horses, although smaller than ponies and full-sized horses, require the same amount of care. Jeanne  saw that minis are often given as presents to children. Similar to  Easter bunnies, minis are cute at first, then neglected, abused or taken to auction and dumped for money. We happily rescue the malnourished and  abandoned from questionable fates. We even cross state lines, literally saving

some from death’s door.

At any one time, the sanctuary is home to upwards of 60 minis, all rescued from abuse or neglect. Along with the Oliver family, the  sanctuary’s volunteers work tirelessly to rehabilitate those that can  overcome their sad history with humans and find them loving, forever  homes. Those that have suffered too much at the hand of man, will be  allowed to live out their lives in the safety of the sanctuary

Our Stats

25+ Volunteers

(that make it happen!)

Hundreds of Minis Rescued

(from all over the country!)

Hundreds of Minis Adopted

(every mini deserves a loving home!)